Our Process

One-on-One Interviews With Key Executives

Conduct a sampling of One-on-One interviews to:
  • Learn the language of the organization
  • Ascertain which competencies are important and desirable for meeting your organization's mission, strategies and goals 
  • Find our where informal learning is working well and where it is constrained
  • Understand the cultural context for learning and note any divergence between what the organization says it values and what is actually rewarded

Web-Based Survey

Conduct Web-Based Survey across the organization and analyze findings to:

  • Reveal the metrics where informal learning is constrained and where it is flourishing
  • Highlight which competencies are currently being learned
  • Establish what the most important activities for learning these competencies are
  • Identify opportunities for Convergent Learning

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 Meeting With Cross-Functional Key Leadership Team

Design and conduct meeting with cross-functional key leadership team to:
  • Present and discuss findings 
  • Develop a strategy for closing the discovered gaps
  • Choose focus areas for intervention
  • Select priorities for action

Cross-Functional Workshops

Design and conduct Cross-Functional Workshops to:
  • Develop shared language for Convergent Learning 
  • Provide tools to participants so they can optimize Convergent Learning 
  • Build a shared focus for desired competencies
  • Prioritize actions