Our Survey

What the Survey Does

A web-based survey allows respondents to share their impressions of the nature and impact of informal learning in their company or organization. The survey data highlight areas of critical importance to informal learning.  The majority of survey items are objective. Basic demographic information directly relevant to the assessment is gathered, but responses are anonymous; neither names nor I.P. addresses are collected and only group data are presented.

The questions are written in simple language and focus on practical issues of importance to all employees. Data are summarized in straightforward formats emphasizing relevant takeaways and next steps for executives.

Pre-Post Intervention Comparisons

Because the data are formative in nature, they can meaningfully inform the design, implementation, and evaluation of informal learning.  Repeat administrations of the survey can be used in pre/post intervention comparisons; for ongoing monitoring over time; and to indicate possible effects of business cycle events and/or special initiatives.

The survey data highlight areas of critical importance to Convergent Learning including:
  1. Which activities are being used for informal learning and how effective is that learning perceived to be relative to four core competency areas?
  2. How do employees characterize their own mastery of the core competency areas and how would a “best exemplar” of each competency be defined in that workplace?
  3. Do the goals and values of employees align with the goals and values of the company and its rewards and accountability systems, and how does the congruence affect informal learning, performance and motivation?
  4.  Do the overall learning context and incentives inspire employees to take a leadership role in their own informal learning and to share their learning with others?
  5. How does informal learning affect employee retention and recruitment?