What We Do

The pathways of communication that transport and transmit informal learning are already active and thriving in your organization.  This is confirmed by observing how quickly a rumor makes it way through an organization.  Informal learning travels these same channels.

Key Questions to Ask

The key questions are:
  • What is being learned via these channels in your organization?
  • Are you using all of your available channels for informal learning or just a few?
  • Does this learning help or hinder  your company and the goals?
  • How can you take advantage of these channels to ensure organizational alignment of this learning?

Four Steps

In  four straightforward steps, we partner with you and your organization to create a rich learning matrix - a fully intentional learning environment that fosters Convergent Learning.
  1. We ensure there is organizational clarity about the mission and goals and that they are compelling enough to foster a Convergent Learning environment,
  2. We conduct a web-based survey, engaging employees to measure the level of learning value in your organization's current informal learning channels,
  3. Next, we identify the factors that constrain and inhibit informal learning,
  4. Finally, we provide necessary tools to implement the organization's informal learning as an intentional, convergent learning environment  - fully aligned with the mission, strategies and goals of your company.  
A High-Performance Culture

In the process of using our methodology, your workplace will initiate a culture where:
  • People are committed to a powerful, productive future
  • People are open to learning and sharing with others
  • Actions that produce positive results are accelerated and naturally socialized throughout the organization.
  • People are encouraged and empowered to expand their capabilities and leadership

 Key Competencies Our Methodology Develops

  • Skills in Navigating the Workplace Culture - know what the culture is and how to contribute to it
  • Interpersonal Skills - how to speak, listen, engage, present, motivate, challenge, coach, give and receive feedback
  • Intrapersonal Skills - how to live with ambiguity, increase emotional intelligence, manage resources including time and finances
  • Pragmatic Job-Specific Skills - how to manage processes

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