Who We Are

Monika Aring, Principal 

Monika Aring is passionate about the relationship between learning, skill development, and jobs.  Monika helped design and led the first major empirical study on informal learning in high-performing companies, discovering that upwards of 70 percent of all learning at workplaces happens informally, under the radar screens of training or OD departments. 

The study was published internationally and featured on NPR’s “Morning Edition.” Now an independent consultant, Monika's clients include major corporations and think tanks. In addition to her research on learning at work, Monika has worked in 40 countries, where she develops innovative learning partnerships between business,  government, education and NGOsfocusing on emerging market countries. 

Ms. Aring is a graduate of Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. She has been listed in Who's Who of America and speaks five languages. Her work has been published internationally and featured in the International Herald Tribune, National Public Radio, Fortune Magazine, New York and Los Angeles Times.

Contact Monika at Monika@ConvergentLearningZone.com    202 641-3724 (mobile)

Sharon Knoll, Principal

Sharon Knoll is coach, facilitator on cultural change and consultant.  Notably, Sharon helped pioneer the concept of coaching as an alternative to classical management in organizations. Her work has since been applied to dozens of cultural change issues such as implementation of quality programs, designing breakthrough initiatives, and bringing about inclusive organizational cultures.

She has a 30-year history of consulting with organizations in the U.S., Europe and Japan in the areas of change management, leadership and organizational development. She has conducted multi-year transformational programs inside Fortune 500 companies.

Ms. Knoll has supported effective change not only in the boardrooms of corporations and institutions, but also in the assembly halls of rural villages in the developing world, consulting with the United Nations on developing local leadership to reverse HIV/AIDS epidemic in 10 countries.   The legacy she proudly left behind is 300 coaches who are still actively developing leaders.

Contact Sharon at Sharon@ConvergentLearning Zone.com    206 290-5839 (mobile)